Tragic Bus Accident Claims Two Lives and Leaves 16 Injured

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In a devastating accident early today morning (02.15 am on 10th July), two individuals lost their lives while 16 others sustained injuries when a bus carrying pilgrims collided with a container that was parked on the road. The incident occurred near Ambanpola town on the Kurunegala Anuradhapura Padeniya road.

Authorities from the Ambanpola police department have reported that the accident was a result of the bus driver’s fatigue. The driver was returning from the Punchi Dambadiva and Kuragala pilgrimage, and it is believed that drowsiness led to the collision.

The deceased have been identified as residents of the Talawa area, who were seated at the front of the bus at the time of the accident. The group from Talawa had embarked on the pilgrimage together.

The injured individuals are currently receiving medical treatment at Ambanpola and Galgamuwa hospitals. The local police in Ambanpola have initiated an investigation into the incident.

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