Starving the cancer cells

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A new concept of treatment

No sugar for 42 days .. The cancer cells are dying off

Sugar is food for these cells

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πŸ“šDr. Raymond Francis wrote three amazing books:

(1) 🌿 Never get sick.

(2) 🌿 Don’t be afraid of cancer.

(3) 🌿 Don’t be fat again.

🌿 Dr. Raymond wrote these books after going through an experience and illness that had doctors desperate for his condition at 45.

🌿 Today he is 75 and he has not been infected with any disease in the last fifteen years except the flu and once.

🌿 The key that Dr. Raymond speaks about in his three books is:

Staying away from sugar for good Along with exercising and dieting, the body provides what it needs.

The doctor said:

🌿 Sugar is the cause of colds and influenza.

🌿 Eating a spoonful of sugar reduces the body’s immunity by 50%.

🌿Drinking a cola can lowers the body’s immunity for 3 to 3 hours to contain a large amount of sugar.

🌿 Sugar causes Alzheimer.

🌿 Sugar is food for cancer cells, cancer can be prevented and treated by avoiding sugar.

🌿 Sugar causes all heart diseases.

🌿 Sugar is the cause of weight gain.

🌿 Sugar is the cause of fat storage.

🌿 Every disease that afflicts man has a relationship with sugar.

The doctor says:

🌿 Parents don’t accept their children smoking or drinking alcohol, but buy them sweets that are more dangerous than smoke and alcohol itself.

🌿 Very important, and very useful books, in short, avoid sugar for good

*Research of Dr. Saleh Faiz’s graduation at Frankfurt University in Food Health, useful information:

🌿 (Yogurt) is the highest source of calcium as a cup of yogurt contains 450 mg. Of the calcium. So make it in your daily diet especially low fat.

🌿 (Mint) is a stimulating medicine for cardiovascular and blood circulation. If you drink it regularly as tea, it is also tender for the stomach and intestines and chewing it relieves toothache and removes bad breath.

To eliminate stomach acid drink a boiled cup of mint without added sugar.

(Mint) Relieves gases, strengthens the liver and pancreas, settles coughs, calms nerves and anger cases, is an an anesthesia, urinary tract, and is also a good digestion of food.

🌿 Soft drinks increase the size of a woman’s waist, even if it does not lead to her weight gain❗

🌿A common mistake is to leave a wound uncovered until it dries, the correct one is to cleanse and bandage it so it heals 40% faster.

🌿 Fizzy drinks cause: osteoporosis, heart and kidney problems, obesity and diabetes, tooth decay.

🌿 The danger of energy drinks for children is that they cause rapid heart rate, cramps, strokes, sudden death.

🌿 (Green tea): Great for antioxidants that could protect you from getting cancer.

🌿 (Salmon), apples, grapes, cherries, blueberries and spinach are types of food that protect brain cells and boost memory.

🌿 A common mistake: Saying that drinking water during or after eating causes bloating and difficult digestion.

And it’s true: water doesn’t cause potbelly and helps digestion better than others.

Be sure to drink a glass of water when you wake up to compensate for the loss of fluids during sleep and to cleanse the body of toxins.

🌿 (Walking): 30 minutes a day for 7 days a week protects you from: heart disease, diabetes, depression, blood pressure, cholesterol.

🌿 (Garlic): It helps to reduce the chances of getting cancer by its ability to boost the immune system.

🌿 (Ginger): Eating hot at night helps burn fat, and detoxify the body.

🌿 May God protect us and you from diseases, and may God heal every sick and healthy person. .

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