Sri Lanka introduces fuel ration card for smooth distribution

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ECONOMYNEXT – Sri Lanka Ministry of Power and Energy introduced a new National Fuel Pass for the general public on Saturday to obtain fuel on a regular basis through regularizing the distribution.

Fuel is now sold as high as 3,000 rupees a litre in outside filling station though the government prices are between 420-550 rupees depending on the fuel.

The new fuel ass will allow each motorist to obtain a minimum quantity of fuel on a weekly basis, the Power and Energy Minister Kanchana Wijesekera said.

He said vehicle owners can use their National Identity Card (NIC) number, Passport number or Company registration number to register in the system to obtain the pass.

“One NIC/passport or company registration number can be used to register only one vehicle” Wijesekera told reporters at a media brief held on Saturday (16).

“If there are more vehicle in a one house, NIC or Passport numbers of other family members can be used to register other vehicle.”
Please find the registration process video here.

The move is expected to be implemented in the coming days after the initial registration of the vehicles being done, the minister said.

The new fuel rationing system comes as some motorists have been increasingly hoarding fuel and deprive others after having waited for day if not for at least more than 1 week.

When questioned about how transport service companies will register their fleet of vehicle, Minister said vehicles can be registered under driver’s NIC and if the necessary rises separate measures will be taken in the future to update the system.

General public is requested to use the link to register, and registration is opened from July 16 onwards. However, when clicked, it showed, the website is still under maintenance.

Minister Wijesekara said the QR code that will be sent after the registration code will be used in future pumping process.

The implementation of the system will be commenced after the registration is being completed.

“All CPC, CEYPETCO and LIOC fuel station will operate under this system after we announce the day of the implementation” Wijesekara said.

“LIOC will continue the current fuel distribution for the people in queues until we announce the date”

However, Wijesekara said no fuel will be distributed through CPC or CEYPETCO fuel stations until the fuel pass system in place. (Colombo/July 16/2022)

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