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Prime Minister Dinesh Gunawardena called on all Sri Lankans to celebrate Easter with mercy, love and forgiveness shown by Jesus Christ even in the face of crucifixion.

The Premier in his Easter message said Christians all over the world reverently commemorate the suffering, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ who sacrificed his life for the sake of mankind. Let’s make Easter celebration a platform to re-focus the path of human relations and social norms, which are susceptible to insensitive communication and the social misunderstandings.

It is the Christian belief that although Jesus Christ, who sacrificed his life to save the human race from evil, was put to a cruel death, he conquered death and revealed a new way of liberation to achieve social justice, mercy, love and humanity.

All these religious teachings help us to inculcate in us the necessary mental strength to maintain human qualities and make correct decisions in the current crisis situations.


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