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The postmortem of the Danish tourist whose body was found close to the Alagalla rock is due to be held on Monday at the Peradeniya hospital.

The Danish National has been identified as Karb Munk Ebssen.

Representatives of the family and the Embassy officials are expected to be present at the post-mortem.

A Foreign Ministry spokesman said that in addition to the family members, the Danish embassy in New Delhi was informed about the death.

On Saturday Kandy Chief Magistrate Srinith Wijesekara accompanied by the Judicial Medical Officer R.P. Jayasuriya and the police visited the scene of the incident.

The body was brought to the Peradeniya hospital earlier.

Danish National  Ebssen, before her departure to climb the Algalla rock,  had told the manager of the lodge that during her stay in Kandy, she had heard about a particular rock and wanted to climb it.

Lodge Manager B.M.W.A. Devamitta told police that during her stay in Kandy, she had visited a few scenic locations and was keen to visit more such locations.

She had left the lodge last Monday and not returned that night, prompting the lodge manager to inform the tourist police.

(Sunday Times)

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