I don’t allow violence & terrorism

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President Ranil Wickremesinghe says he will not allow violence and terrorism but will protect non-violence and democracy.

He was addressing the ceremonial opening of the third session of the Ninth Parliament held this morning (03).

Speaking about the ‘Aragalaya’ movement, he said that this was initially conducted in a ‘a non-violent basis and creative manner.’

However, ‘this non-violence was suppressed and violence emerged, with certain politicized groups that became stakeholders. By indulging in violence the protests turned towards terrorism,’ he added.

‘Some groups are trying to spread a huge propaganda through social media that I am hunting down the protesters. But it is not true. I will not allow any kind of prejudice to the peaceful activists. I will establish an office to protect the peaceful protesters and support them,’ he further noted.

“If any injustice occurs to a peaceful activist, that person can call the 24 hour dedicated line and file a complaint. A Committee headed by a retired judge will examine the complaints and take necessary measures, accordingly.
If there are individuals who have participated in such illegal activities either unknowingly or due to the influence of others, a plan will be prepared to act sympathetically towards them.”

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