How to Find a Job in Sri Lanka

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How to Find a Job in Sri Lanka by Noelle Smith on September 23, 2018 Job seekers in Sri Lanka can benefit from following the tips and strategies listed below. If you’re trying to find work and support yourself in this country, here are some options you may want to consider.

Tips and Strategies

  1. Talk to Family and Friends Don’t forget about your own network when it comes to helping you find work in Sri Lanka. Your family and friends might know someone who needs help or may even be able to offer you some advice on how to get started with your job search.

Get help from friends/family

Obviously, you can’t just ask your friends or family to hire you. But if they know someone who is hiring, they can make introductions or recommend you as a candidate.

Apply directly on job sites

job sites offer you direct access to potential employers. You can directly submit your CV and cover letter. Also, most of these sites provide you information on what companies are looking for and how they want their job application process to go. This allows you to tailor your application accordingly. Moreover, many job search engines also allow you post an online portfolio that further highlights your abilities and experience as well as allows employers to contact you directly for an interview if they find your work satisfactory.

Attend networking events

Finding a job starts with networking. Every day we come into contact with hundreds of people—but how many of those do you remember their names? In fact, research has shown that most people can only remember between five and nine faces; once that number goes above ten, it becomes increasingly difficult to connect names with faces. To increase your chances of remembering someone you meet at a networking event, try employing what scientists call an event-addresser association: by linking faces to something specific about them (such as their name or where they went to school), it makes it easier for you to remember who they are later on.

Sharing With others