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Governor of the Central Bank of Sri Lanka (CBSL), Dr. Nandalal Weerasinghe, has been named amongst the 21 Bank Governors listed in the Global Finance Magazine’s Central Banker Report Cards for the year 2023.

Accordingly, Dr. Weerasinghe was amongst the 10 governors who earned an ‘A-’ grade.

On 23 August, the Global Finance Magazine released the names of the Central Bank Governors who earned either A+, A or A- grades as part of the Central Bank Reporter Cards 2023.

Accordingly, India’s Shri Shaktikanta Das, and Thomas. J. Jordan from Switzerland along with Nguyen Thi Hong from Vietnam topped the list, being the only three governors to earn an A+ grade, while Bank Governors from Brazil, Israel, Mauritius, New Zealand, Paraguay, Peru, Taiwan and Uruguay were ranked with an A grade.

Meanwhile, Dr. Weerasinghe was accompanied by the Bank Governors of Colombia, the Dominican Republic, Iceland, Indonesia, Mexico, Morocco, Norway, South Africa and South Korea in the list of those governors who earned an A- grade.

The Central Banker Report Cards, published annually by Global Finance since 1994, grade the central bank governors of 101 key countries, territories and districts, including the European Union, the Eastern Caribbean Central Bank, the Bank of Central African States and the Central Bank of West African States.

Grades are based on a scale from A to F for success in inflation control, economic growth goals, currency stability and interest rate management. (An “A” represents an excellent performance down through an “F” for outright failure.)

“Fighting inflation, which has been fueled by pent-up demand and disrupted supply chains, has everyone turning to their central bankers for help,” said Global Finance founder and editorial director Joseph Giarraputo. “Global Finance’s annual Central Banker Report Cards celebrate those bank governors whose strategies outperformed their peers through originality, creativity and tenacity.”

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